CGGAKA is a joint commercial brand between Japan-based Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants, Inc. (EJEC) and Vietnam-based VNi 3D Technology for Real Estate Co., Ltd. (VNi).


EJEC is a top-class Japanese general construction consulting company founded in 1955. With almost 1000 employees, we have been implementing projects in more than 50 countries, mainly in Japan, Asia, and Africa. EJEC deals with a wide range of technical fields, including roads, bridges, tunnels, rivers, ports, urban development, architecture, waste, energy, environmental conservation, disaster prevention, infrastructure maintenance, information and communications, measurement, compensation, PPP, etc. In recent years, we have placed considerably more focus on providing solutions related to natural disaster risk reduction, environment, energy, urban/regional regeneration, and infrastructure management.

Founded in 2006, VNi is a leading 3D, CG solution company in Vietnam. With more than 100 young and experienced employees, it has been producing CG contents for hundreds of large projects in Asia and Africa. In particular, VNi has had many achievements in urban development projects by major real estate companies in Vietnam. It has provided high-quality products that satisfy customers and is highly trusted by them. For the past 3 years, VNi has been investing in AR, VR, and application development in the fields of real estate and construction with many cutting-edge products.